Stars End S2E05

Stars End S2E5 – The Seers Condemned this Podcast

If you’d rather not be rudely awakened by some spoilers, you know what to do! We’ll be here when you’re ready.

And speaking of rude awakenings, how about that Gaal Dornick? That whole ordeal didn’t seem pleasant at all!

What isn’t rude is our conversation this week, about Foundation’s Episode 5, “Upon Awakening,” it’s better than being roused by a thunderstorm, a smoke alarm, or a cat licking your face.

And this will really shake you out of your slumber! We’ve got a very special episode for you because we’ve been joined by a very special guest, Joel McKinnon host of the very excellent Seldon Crisis Podcast! Joel’s a very interesting guy with a very interesting podcast and some very interesting other irons in the fire.

If you’d prefer to listen to Seldon Crisis another way, it’s also available on the You Tube.

Also, Joel is in a band! The Jupiter Sheep! You can learn more about them and listen to their music here! And

Also also Joel has written a rock opera called Planet and Sky, which was performed by the Max Wyvern Band and expanded into yet another podcast!

And you can discover the rest by following Joel on Twitter @JoelGMcKinnon.

You should check these things out.

But not right now! Right now it’s time for the also excellent StarsEnd Podcast! Let’s go!

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