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Isaac Asimov’s Foundation is considered one of the greatest works in the History of Science Fiction. The original Trilogy was awarded the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Series at the 1966 World Science Fiction Convention.

Later this year, Apple TV+ will debut a television program based on this series. Here’s a trailer.

We’re a group of middle-aged guys who loved this series as teenagers. Now we’re looking forward to revisiting the books in anticipation of the TeeVee show and then enjoying the show itself. We’ll talk about this and hopefully, through this podcast, bring you along for the ride. We want to do our part to bring this series to a new group of fans who are hopefully far more diverse than the three of us.

And who are we exactly?

Dan is a Canadian-American dual citizen currently living in Edmonton with his wife, daughter, and naughty cat. He has been a quiet but enthusiastic Asimov fan since his father introduced him to the Foundation series in the early ’80s. He can frequently be found tweeting sci-fi dad jokes as @MrEarlG.

Jon has been consuming science fiction and fantasy for an embarrassingly long time and may have seen some of the episodes of Star Trek (The Original Series) when they were originally broadcast, though he was pretty young then. He has a lot of opinions on things.

And Joseph is a lifelong science fiction fan who has also managed to amass a ridiculously large collection of comic books. He is a mathematics professor at Elmira College who has been lucky enough to also teach classes like “Science Fiction and Fantasy,” “Comic Books and Graphic Novels” and “Mysterious Worlds: The Science Fiction of Arthur C. Clarke.” He also writes a blog called Comics, The Universe and Everything. You can read a bit more about him here.

Please join us for Stars End: A Foundation Podcast. Our first episode will be available soon!

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Our featured image is a picture of the Galactic Center in the Public Domain and found on Wikimedia Commons. Author: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESA/CXC/STScI