Stars End S2E04

William Shatner is about to be shot into space! He may want to stay there when he sees how Lee Pace updates the “Kirk can break a computer just by talking to it” shtick.

Spoilers, of course. If you haven’t, go watch the episode. Or listen first, it’s entirely up to you.

Things are really starting to cook now and we’ll have our usual free-wheeling conversation! The Cleons are being asynchronous and there are indeed “Barbarians at the Gate.” Well, they’re Acacreonians and the gate is almost entirely un-gatelike… except that you have to pass through it to go from “out” to “in.” But it’s an exciting episode with some excellent performances! We talk. You should tune in; it’ll be fun!

And for crying out loud, don’t stay in the bath too long; you’ll get all pruney.

“And the beginning of the end, as befitting its name, took place on Terminus.”

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