Episode 9

With the Threll of the Las Vegas 55-Year Mission winding down and the excitement of the Apple TV+ Foundation series winding up, now is a perfect time to check out our Stars End Podcast! Whether you’re looking for a new decades-old franchise to enjoy, you want to catch up on some of your favorite old SF before enjoying the new teevee series, or if you’re just looking for something entertaining to listen to at the airport, Stars End can fill that need! We’re not even off-brand yet!

Please join us for Episode 9 – “A Podcast is Best and Most Effective When It Does Not Evaporate In Empty Phrases” as we wrap up Foundation and Empire with the resolution to Episode 8’s cliffhanger and learn the sooper-secret identity of the Mule. Will the Foundation persevere? Will the Mule conquer the Galaxy? What’s up with Bayta? And where the heck is the Second Foundation anyway? All will be revealed as long as it falls outside our rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. Thus we merely foreshadow Second Foundation which may or may not be about the location of Seldon’s Second Foundation.

Also “Asimov Trivia” and a new game: find the Douglas Adams reference in this very episode description! The first person to identify the reference and comments on it here or to @StarsEndPodcast on Twitter will receive what Stan Lee used to call a “No-Prize.” That’s not really anything, but we’ll mention your name here or something.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 9

  1. I’m trying to force myself to think of the show as just another SciFi TV show that happens to be called “Foundation” that shares some similarities with Asimov’s novels, but it is not an adaptation of the books. That will help me try to appreciate the show for what it is instead of constantly comparing it to the original.

    My guess for the Douglas Adams reference is “Threll”, which sounds like it is a word out of his book “The Meaning of Liff” but I don’t know for sure because I don’t own the book.


    1. “Threll” might actually be in “the Meaning of Liff,” I don’t own that one either. But that’s not the reference I meant. The Threll in this case were a made-up alien race (well, more made up than usual) that had something to do with the Las Vegas Convention last week. The Con lost their official Star Trek license and had to repurpose some of the displays.

      I agree with you about Foundation; I think that’s probably a good way to think of the series.

      As I kid I hated it when something would be changed when a story or comic I loved would get adapted for the TeeVee. Fifty years later I realize that what really bothered me was the attitude. “This is just crap for kids and we can do whatever we want.” But changing things is unavoidable, a lot of things that work in one medium just won’t in another. The MCU for example, works not because they don’t change things but because they have respect for the source material when they do. I’m pretty confident that Goyer and company will be respectful.


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