Season 2

In which we watch and review the first season of Apple TV+’s Foundation.

Stars End S2E12: It’s the final episode of Season 2 where we wrap up our discussion of Season 1 of Foundation with the First Annual Stars End Hari Awards!  Frankly, a lot of it is the three of us gushing about how good the episodes and the performances were. Plus a preview of season three!  What will we be doing in the long dark interregnum before season 2 of Foundation?

Stars End S2E11: The penultimate episode of our official discussion of Foundation, Season 1! And we’re got quite a lot to say!  This is our first conversation about the season in its entirety!  We’re joined by special guest Luigi DiMeglio of the Foundation Era YouTube Channel! Plus, our usual load of whimsy!

Stars End S2E10: Haven’t watched Episode 10, “The Leap” yet? We’ll be here when you’re done. We talk about Episode 10 and then tease the end of our season where we’ll give an overview of Foundation‘s epic first season!

Stars End S2E09: You should join us as we talk about this barnburner of an episode directed by the great Roxann Dawson!

Stars End S2E08: If you’re a Lee Pace fan, or “stan” as the kids say, or even an “aficionado” like they said back in my day, “The Missing Piece” may be for you!  It’s like the last temptation of Brother Day meets Dune with 100% fewer sandworms.  That is to say, it’s a lot of loincloths and wandering around in the desert. Damn sand gets in everything!

This week we’re joined by Rich Greenberg, a screenwriter and old friend of Jon’s.  Rich is known for Zoe (2018), starring Ewan McGregor, Léa Seydoux, and Rashida Jones, as well as the Emmy Award-Winning The Beauty Inside (2018).  Rich will tell us about the process of adapting an intellectual property, particularly a science fiction IP for television.

Stars End S2E07: There are lots of big questions in this one!  Is Psychohistory as we know it a thing of the past?  What is the Anacreoneans horrific plan for the Invictus? Has the show succumbed to the Great and Glorious Az’s predilection for exposition?  And in the show with the most per-capita executions might someone get put to death for erroneous thumb-clasping? We don’t know!  But we’re going to talk about it anyway!  With extra special guest star Cathy Blumenfeld, who has the distinction of escaping that Asimovian indoctrination so many of us suffered as teens.

Stars End S2E06: Politics!  Religion!  Explosions!  Big themes! Hints about how everything fits together!  This one has it all! And we have Morgan, as our latest very special guest! She’s a self-described Daneel Olivaw stan and biotechnologist who loves all things Asimov and tweets Foundation-related stuff as @AsimovPosting. She joined us and brought a fresh new voice to the conversation!

Stars End S2E05: And this will really shake you out of your slumber! We’ve got a very special episode for you because we’ve been joined by a very special guest, Joel McKinnon host of the very excellent Seldon Crisis Podcast!

Stars End S2E04: Things are really starting to cook now and we’ll have our usual free-wheeling conversation! The Cleons are being asynchronous and there are indeed “Barbarians at the Gate.” Well, they’re Anacreonians and the gate is almost entirely un-gatelike… except that you have to pass through it to go from “out” to “in.” But it’s an exciting episode with some excellent performances! We talk. You should tune in; it’ll be fun!

Stars End S2E03: We’re settling into the weekly groove! In this episode we’ll be talking about “the Mathematician’s Ghost,” episode 3 of Foundation. But don’t worry! No mathematicians were harmed in the filming of this episode… for a change. But we do get some insight into the genetic trinity that rules the Empire, watch as the Foundationeers arrive on Terminus, and thrill to a cliffhanger! The Anacreonians have landed on Terminus, once again but for the first time! And we think some more about episode 2. Maybe we’ve figured it out. Maybe not. Not knowing is half the fun!

Stars End S2E02: And… here we are! The moment to which we’ve been building. After months of anticipation, we finally have episodes to watch and discuss! And discuss them we do!

Join us for a no-holds-barred conversation about Foundation: Episode 1 – “The Emperor’s Peace” and Episode 2 – “Preparing to Live!”

Stars End S2E01: The Apple TV show is about to start and that will be our focus for season 2.  We’ve been waiting with bated breath and our patience (or lack thereof) is about to be rewarded!  So, as you count down the final few hours before Foundation hits your teevee, join us for our season premiere where we talk about our hopes and expectations for the show.  Then we can all strap into this metaphorical roller coaster and enjoy this ride together!