Stars End S3E08

“The Podcast Makes No Allowance For Unwitting Harm”

How time flies!  It’s our final Episode on Prelude to Foundation and you’re not going to want to miss this one!

Our heroes finally, despite their best efforts, find themselves in the sector of Wye.  That’s pronounced “why” and The Great and Glorious Az has a bit of fun with that.  Also, “Who” is the Prime Minister, “What” is the neighboring sector, and “I Don’t Know” is on third.  And while Raych gets to go to the Zoo, Rachelle eventually finds herself in the penalty box.  I’m kidding, mostly.  But whadya asking me for?  You should take a look at this to see how it’s supposed to be done!

Also War! And the final climactic ending which, in classic Asimovian style, is people in rooms having conversations!  But with tons of intrigue, lots of reveals, and a bit of what some might even call romance.

There’s more!  A special report from our man on the scene at Star Trek: Mission Chicago!  A special interview with a classic Captain of the USS Enterprise and a special surprise from one of our favorite Foundation actors!

Don’t wait!  You don’t want to wait! Let’s go!

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