Stars End S2E12

“We Don’t Expect to Podcast Forever but We Do Intend to Hang On As Long As Possible!”

It’s the final episode of Season 2 where we wrap up our discussion of Season 1 of Foundation with the First Annual Stars End Hari Awards!  Frankly, a lot of it is the three of us gushing about how good the episodes and the performances were. 

But more importantly, you get to find out who won! Best Performance! Favorite Episode!  Favorite Podcast Guest!  All the important stuff.  Not included: unimportant things like “Least Inspirational Quote,” which must be “All love is programming.”

We couldn’t have done it without you!  Our thanks go out to everyone who supported us by voting, commenting, and listening! So, please join us!

Plus a preview of season three!  What will we be doing in the long dark interregnum before season 2 of Foundation?

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