Stars End S2E06

Stars End S2E06 – An Entire Galaxy Pivoting Around the Actions of an Individual Podcast

There are a lot of things happening in Episode 6, “Death and the Maiden.”

Beware! The spoilers are probably even more densely packed than usual.  “The spoiler-space may even be compact,” he said mathematically.

What a difference a week makes!  We described Episode 5 as a “bridge” episode. In episode 6, there’s stuff going on right and left!  Actually, maybe even in 2, 3, or, 4 dimensions!  This cries out for an “Age of Aquarius” joke, but I don’t have one.  Any help?

Politics!  Religion!  Explosions!  Big themes! Hints about how everything fits together!  This one has it all!

And we have Morgan, as our latest very special guest! She’s a self-described Daneel Olivaw stan and biotechnologist who loves all things Asimov and tweets Foundation-related stuff as @AsimovPosting. She joined us and brought a fresh new voice to the conversation!

You should join us and join the conversation too! You’ll be glad you did!

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