Stars End S2E03

Stars End S2E03 – Respect and Enjoy the Podcast

Spoilers, of course. Go watch the episode. We’ll be here when you get back.

We’re settling into the weekly groove! In this episode we’ll be talking about “the Mathematician’s Ghost,” episode 3 of Foundation. But don’t worry! No mathematicians were harmed in the filming of this episode… for a change.

But we do get some insight into the genetic trinity that rules the Empire, watch as the Foundationeers arrive on Terminus, and thrill to a cliffhanger! The Anacreonians have landed on Terminus, once again but for the first time!

And we think some more about episode 2. Maybe we’ve figured it out. Maybe not. Not knowing is half the fun!

We talk about it all! Join us! It will be so much fun the Empire may collapse! You wouldn’t want to miss that!

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