Coming Attractions

As of today, 25 September 2021, Jon, Dan, and I have watched the first two episodes of Foundation and we’ve recorded Season 2 Episode 2 which starts our analysis!

There are some minor spoilers below, so beware!

One thing that seems to be a near-universal opinion is that the series looks great! I (Joseph) think it goes a bit farther than that. There’s some skillful use of imagery to tie the themes and moments together. This shot impressed me. When we see Gaal, there are frequent images of water. Water is tied closely to her home on Synnax and her religion, or rather, Synnax’s religion. In this scene, Jerril is trying to convince her to denounce psychohistory. Betray Hari, he’s telling her and you can go home. And here, with the two of them shrouded in darkness, with all of the water and all of the mist, is where he makes the case. Jerril is pushing the Empire’s interests and the spaceship and sun are central. Further in the background, those interests are tied to the star bridge. More on this soon!.

Here are each of our first impressions.

Jon: Very different from the book. They had a lot of exposition to do and they did it intelligently. I am left wanting to see what happens. I loved Sid in the courtroom scene! No twisting 😦

Joseph: Here’s my tweet from after the first episode.

Dan: We didn’t expect Hari to end up on the ship, either!

And what about episode 2? What do we think about everything else? You’ll have to listen to our next episode to find out! We look forward to seeing you!

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