Stars End S2E01

Season 2 Episode 1 – “All Podcasts Lead to Trantor.”

The naysayers said it would never happen and that our plucky little podcast would never see a second season!  Yet here we are defying the laws of Psychohistory, renewed and ready for the advent of the Apple TV+ series in roughly 24 to 48 hours.

That will be our focus for season 2.  We’ve been waiting with bated breath and our patience (or lack thereof) is about to be rewarded!  We’ll be recording weekly for the duration, unless it turns out that we’re recording weakly… but we’re not going to let that happen!

So, as you count down the final few hours before Foundation hits your teevee, join us for our season premiere where we talk about our hopes and expectations for the show.  Then we can all strap into this metaphorical roller coaster and enjoy this ride together!

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