Episode 6

Episode 6: “A Podcast is a Good Weapon but It Can Point Both Ways” is now available! This week, Dan starts his tenure as quiz master, Joseph learns what wasn’t covered in his Shakespeare class (way back in 1988) and as always Jon tries to keep us all on track.

We also have breaking news! So breaking that we had to add an addendum in post production! That means Monday.

And of course, we start discussing “The General,” the first section of Foundation and Empire. This one is almost like Asimov himself was replying to our discussions of the “Great Man” theory of history vs. the “Bottom Up Theory.” Join us!

2 thoughts on “Episode 6

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and let you know that I love the podcast! The chill, funny, geeky atmosphere you create has been a great companion for the last few days. 🙂 I’m a woman in my early 20s who started reading Asimov last year purely because the Apple TV show looked exciting, and your podcast has been a perfect introduction to the wider context of his work. I love how you guys are super invested in and clearly love Foundation, but at the same time aren’t afraid to have some fun by pointing out the inconsistencies, dated aspects and occasional silliness of the series!

    I also really appreciate that you’re not writing off the tv show just because it’s different, and are actively welcoming to a younger and more diverse audience that might be new to the series. It means a lot and it’s so nice to feel welcomed by the older heads in the fanbase! (On a personal note: I loved Demerzel so much when I read Prelude to Foundation that I immediately dropped everything else and read the entire Elijah Baley series to see what his deal was. I’d be excited to see any version of Daneel on screen, but the idea of a character that cool, complex, and tragic suddenly being female in the tv show is a mindblowing bonus to me! I really hope they handle the character well.)

    Much love from Ireland, I’m excited to see where the podcast goes over the coming months. ❤

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  2. We exist only to serve.

    Wait a second, wrong classic SF series.

    But thanks very much for your kind words – we hope we can continue to live up to them! We’re definitely going to have fun trying.


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