Episode 4

Our fourth episode, “A Podcast is the Last Refuge of the Incompetent” is now available for your edification. We’ve run out of Laws of Robotics and have moved on to famous Salvor Hardin aphorisms. That’s a bit more on-brand for a Foundation podcast.

We talk about “The Traders,” part four of Foundation. This story first appeared, with surprisingly little fanfare in the October 1944 issue of Astounding under the title “The Wedge.”

In addition we have our second Apple Plus Minute and another edition of Asimov Trivia with a new contestant and a new quiz master!

Please join us! We’re looking forward to it and Hari Seldon already knows how it’s going to end!

Image Credits:

  • Featured Image: Screen Cap from the trailer for Apple TV+’s Foundation. Fair Use. Accessed 7 June 2021
  • The Wedge: Astounding Science Fiction, October 1944, Archive.org. Accessed 7 June 2021

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